The Ultimate Online Course For Dropshipping On Shopify

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24/7 Lifetime VIP Access To 60+ Step By Step Training Videos + More!

Learn Everything About Building a Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch With Little To No Money. 60+ Step By Step Videos, Strategies, Secret Methods, Copy & Paste Templates, Apps, & More That You Will Instantly Get Access to 24/7. Access The Videos & All Content Online From Any Desktop or Mobile Device Anywhere, at Any Time.

Receive 2 Custom Shopify Dropshipping Stores Built Just For You!

You Will Receive 2 Custom Built Shopify Dropshipping Stores Within 24-48 Hours of Your Enrollment So That You Can Learn All The Knowledge, Then Successfully Launch ASAP In A Hurry! One Niche Store With Low Ticket Products AND 1 Niche Store With High Ticket Products.

Getting You Results Is My Core Focus

This Is Why For A Limited Time Only, You Will Get 2 Custom Built Shopify Dropshipping Stores At No Additional Cost To You Along With The 60+ Training Videos, Copy & Paste Templates, Secret Strategies, & MORE! Join The Course Now Before The Price is Raised!

J Rich

J Rich is a 23 year old entrepreneur with 4 years of experience in e-commerce that has a passion for helping people make money online. He started at 18 years old with nothing after graduating High School and reached six figures in revenue by 19 years old. Reached 7 figures in revenue by 21 years old and has helped over 20,000 people in E-commerce along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course contains 60+ videos. The total length of the video section of the course is about 9-10 hours if watched straight through. Plan to take 2-3 weeks to complete the course.

You'll get lifetime access to this course, and all videos that are added in the future at no additional cost!

I can't guarantee that the price of the course will stay the same when you register in the future as the price being offered today may rise. We consistently update the content which increases the value as time goes on. 

Due to the nature of the product all sales are final. There are over 60 videos in the course in which I reveal a lot of sensitive information that can't be returned. This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property contained within this course. This is done in order to secure the course's intellectual property.  In addition, I provide you with 2 custom Shopify dropshipping stores that I manually have to build for you so due to the nature of the course videos and the stores that I build for you, there will be no refunds accepted. Absolutely no exceptions.

Yes! No other Shopify "Guru" does this. To provide you with more insane value, I will custom build your Shopify Dropshipping Stores for you so that you can launch ASAP while you learn all the knowledge! There's 2 niches that I go over step by step in the course. A low ticket niche, and 1 high ticket niche. You will get a website for each niche so 2 Shopify Dropshipping websites in total. After building your stores, I no longer have access once I transfer ownership of the stores to you. You are the 100% legal owner of the store. You can change everything and anything on the store, including designs, products, pricing, pages, domains etc. You can also easily add more dropshipping products from reputable suppliers as you will learn in the course.


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